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Insoles Made For Kids

Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To bring you the best insoles, designed exclusively for Kids! All KidSole products are thoughtfully designed to help your child feel more comfortable in their shoes. KidSole covers a WIDE range of posture correcting and foot support solutions.
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Here is What We Offer!

Kidsole Sports Insoles For Kids

Sports Cushion Insoles

Made From Gel & Memory Foam Materials

If your goal is to make your child's cleats or sport shoes more comfortable, you need an insole designed to cushion their foot impact.  Adding KidSole memory foam or gel insoles will make any uncomfortable sports shoe soft and wearable. The sport combo is the best possible solution for kids who do not need arch support but do need extra cushion.

Kidsole Brand New Orthotic Comfort

Orthotic Sport Comfort

Made From Revolutionary Soft & Strong Material

If your goal is to make your child's sports shoes more orthotic & comfortable, look no further than the Neon Fix Sport Insole by KidSole. This insole is brand new to the 2017 collection! The NEON FIX SPORT insole provides your little one with extra arch support without the foot pains usually associated with arch support insoles. The soft & strong material is truly amazing! If your active child needs extra arch support, this solution was tailor made for you!

Kidsole Orthotic Insoles For Kids

Slim Orthotic Insoles

Made From Lightweight Durable Materials

If you are trying to guide your toddler's foot development, you need a slim, light-weight, orthotic insole. The Shoe Surfer insole is designed with mild arch support in mind. This insole series covers SUPER SMALL toddler sizes.  This insole is the best possible solution for kids who need mild arch support. If you are looking for an alternate style, this insole also comes in the Camo Comfort KidSole.

New Kidsole Heel Pads Comfort For Children

Adhesive Heel Pads

Made With Adhesive/Sticky Bottom

If your goal is to take pressure off your child's heels and relieve sensitive foot issues, Kidsole also carries a wide variety of Heelcups and Heelpads to make your child's shoes more comfortable. Heelcups and Heelpads are great because they take up so little space while delivering SOOOO much extra comfort! This new heelpad for 2017 features our most STICKY adhesive ever! This will keep the heel cushion from sliding or moving in your child's shoe.

Our Newest Releases

Kidsole Red Rocket Orthotic
Kidsole Bouncy Tech
Orthotic Sports

This new Kidsole has a soft top with a rugged and sturdy bottom.

Kidsole Red Rocket Insoles for Kids
Premium Orthotic Insole
Red Rocket Orthotic

Made from the highest quality orthotic materials available in the world. This insole is stronger and will last longer than any other insole.

Grey Feather Insoles for Children
Grey Feather
Orthotic Insole

Grey Feather is a revolutionary, light-weight Kidsole designed exclusively for kid's with flat feet!

Easy Trim To Fit Design

Every child who has "foot problems" needs a way to take the disadvantage away. If your child has sensitive or flat feet, please be the kind of parent who is SMART enough to try out a new, risk-free-solution to their foot issues. We offer a 100% UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee on every single insole we sell. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.

Best Trim To Fit Cushioning Insoles
Active Comfort Gel Trim to Fit Insoles
Children Memory Sport Zoom Insoles
Kidsole Stylish Checkout Bag

Trim To Fit

Every insole we sell is tried and tested to work and feel great! Best of all, Kidsole can always be trimmed to fit with ordinary household scissors.

Amazing Quality

KidSole stands for quality. Our memory foam sports insole comes with micro-bead traction for enhanced grip. Our Neon Fix Sport insole is made from revolutionary soft and strong materials that allow for great support with a soft cushioned surface.

Fast Shipping

Here at KidSole, we ship every single order FAST. We give all our customers who spend over $15 FREE 3-Day Shipping. Customers who spend over $25 receive FREE 2-Day Shipping. If you spend less than $15 at checkout, your 3-day shipping is discounted to only $2.00.

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