Supporting Your Kid’s Healthy Feet

by Noor E Alam on Oct 27, 2022

Supporting Your Kid’s Healthy Feet

How Orthotic Insoles Can Help Your Child Run, Jump, and Play

As adults, we often find that we need more support than our shoes can give us. Arch support in particular can be crucial to being active, having healthy knees and hips, and staying on the go. Why would kids be any different?

Kids’ shoes are unfortunately often made with little to no arch support, which can encourage kids’ feet to pronate (be flat footed) and cause posture problems that will only get worse as they get older.

Should your child get insoles for their shoes? Do they complain about:

  • Sore legs or feet after activity? Kids whose feet are not being properly supported will compensate with their leg muscles, causing them to get tired faster. Their feet may also be taking more shock than is healthy as they run and jump, causing pain.
  • Not wanting to be active? Kids may not have the right language to tell adults that they’re tired or uncomfortable, and might simply prefer more sedentary activities. If your child is difficult to motivate, not just at home where there’s TV and video games, but at school, in Phys.Ed., and on the playground, making sure their feet are healthy is a good idea.
  • Getting tired faster than their friends? Kids who are in pain and tired aren’t going to be able to keep up with their peers. Another way this might be expressed is simply feeling frustrated that the other kids run faster and are more on-the-go than them.
  • Leg cramps at night? Sometimes we don’t notice our muscles are tense until they start to relax, and cramps can result. If your child is waking up with leg cramps in the night, it’s worth looking at what’s happening in the day that could be a factor.
  • Does your child stumble or trip a lot? Poor balance can have a lot of sources; low core strength, poor body awareness, and in particular, low strength in the ankles. Poor ankle strength can cause the foot to suddenly rotate to the inside or outside, making a child stumble or fall. Better support through the arch can help the foot stay balanced and the ankle aligned with less fatigue.

If your child suddenly becomes more tired, starts complaining about leg or knee pain (especially if it is one-sided) or suddenly loses interest in an activity they have enjoyed, seeing your primary care doctor is a good first step. These situations could potentially indicate a medical problem. If your doctor has cleared your child, however, consider the sports orthotics insoles from Kidsole to help your child get more comfortable on their feet and stay on the move.

All of our insoles are designed with arch support and a heel cup to support feet that are still growing. Lightweight and comfortable materials mean that your kids won’t fight about wearing their insoles. And compared to expensive custom insoles, these are affordable enough to work for growing feet.

Want more information about how Kidsole inserts can help your child be their best and most active self? Contact us today.