Our retail store vendor application is SUPER SIMPLE! If you need to arrange samples for your buying yeam please contact us by clicking the blue button below or email our customer service manager Nick@KidSole.com with your name and company information. Nick will email you our MSRP Catalog so that you and your team can determine the best models for your store. As soon as you review the samples with your buyer team, we can setup an in-person or virtual meeting with our retail sales director Josh Singer. His email is Josh@KidSole.com.


We setup our vendor program to make things super easy for you. Our job is to deliver perfect products to you. Our QC standards will set you and your team at ease throughout the entire process. We offer Net-60 terms and free buy backs of any defective or returned inventory to make your first store test as risk-free as possible. Our main goal is to make you and your customers happy. KidSole has very strict safety standards. We stock a wide variety of insole types to solve a wide variety of foot problems. If you have any questions about which insole to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions today!