Understanding Sever's Disease in Children: A Guide for Parents

by Joshua Singer on Dec 07, 2023

Understanding Sever's Disease in Children: A Guide for Parents

Sever's disease, or calcaneal apophysitis, is a common heel condition affecting active children during growth spurts. Understanding its signs, causes, and simple solutions is crucial for parents.

What is Sever's Disease? Sever's disease occurs when the heel's growth plate is stressed during physical activities, common among kids aged 8 to 15, especially those in sports like soccer and gymnastics.

Symptoms: Look out for heel pain, limping, and tenderness, especially during or after activities.

Causes: Repetitive stress during growth spurts tightens muscles and strains the growth plate.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Consult a pediatrician for diagnosis. Treatment involves rest, ice, stretching, and may include heel cups and inserts for added support.

Heel Cups and Inserts: A Supportive Solution:

  • Cushioning and Shock Absorption: Reduce impact on the growth plate.
  • Proper Arch Support: Ensure even weight distribution.
  • Stabilization of the Heel: Prevent excessive movement during activities.
  • Wear with Any Footwear: Versatile options for various shoe types.

Conclusion: Sever's disease is temporary, and with a holistic approach, including heel cups and inserts, parents can help their child manage discomfort during this growth phase. Always follow the advice of healthcare professionals for personalized care.

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