For US Customers
Our return policy is SIMPLE! If you need to return or exchange an item please contact us by clicking the Chat button below or email our support team ( with your name and order number. We will email you a pre-paid return shipping label so that your return ships free of charge. As soon as you drop your return off at your local post office, we will process your return the same day. There is no waiting period for us to receive your return before we issue you a full refund. Your pre-paid return tracking information is sufficient proof of return! We also offer free exchanges. If you need to replace your child’s insoles for another model or new size just let us know and our customer service manager will send them to you right away.

We do all of this to make things super easy for you. Our main goal is to make you and your child happy. KidSole has very strict safety standards. We cannot and will not resell any insole that is returned to us. Every insole we sell is 100% brand new. No matter how much your child uses the insoles, your 30-Day-Guarantee will be honored. We stock a wide variety of insole types to solve a wide variety of foot problems. If you have any questions about which insole to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions today!


For International Customers:

Customers will have to pay for the return shipping label in order to exchange/refund.