Grey Feather Light Orthotic Insoles — Deep Heelcup and Arch Support

  • KidSole Orthotics are crafted from medical grade Lightweight PU foam for active children with heel and arch problems.
  • Revolutionary lightweight material drastically increases Orthotic comfort without weighing down your child’s shoes.
  • Currently come in 3 sizes. 21 CM fits US Toddler Shoe Sizes: 12-2; 23CM fits US Kids Shoe Sizes 2-4.5, 24CM fits US Kids Shoe Sizes 4-6
  • Easy Trim-to-fit material allows you to customize size.
  • Note*This model is the only KidSole without guided cutting lines on the back. You will need to have your child stand on the insole to determine where to cut the easy-trim-material.



KidSole’s Orthotics

KidSole’s Orthotic insoles have been designed to serve as one of the most comfortable pairs of orthotic insoles ever made. Our insoles are tailor made for children and designed promote healthy growing feet.

When a child reaches the age of 6-8 their feet might begin to develop high arches which can potentially cause pain. Unfortunately, standard insoles that come with most shoes are typically cheap, poorly made, foam cutouts that don’t offer much comfort or support and can often times cause harm to growing feet.

KidSole’s Orthotic insoles are the perfect fix for a young person with growing feet. Our insoles are designed to cushion the arch and provide relieve to the heel and front of the foot.


Our Orthotic insoles are designed to mold to your child’s foot over time as they wear them. This ensure the perfect fit for their foot for maximum daily comfort! Our insoles provide proper form and help with natural arch development and aid in pronation.

Our insoles will fit in almost any pair of shoes whether they’re tennis shoes, dress shoes, or athletic shoes.

Our insoles are podiatrist recommended because of how fast a child’s foot can develop. Our insoles serve as an investment in the future of your child’s foot health!

All of our insoles come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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