Clinicians Insole Demo Program

Thank you for your interest in the KidSole clinician demo program! All your demo insoles will ship free of charge. To select the insoles you wish to demo, please add the items to your cart like a normal customer. 

When you have all the items you want to demo added to your cart, please proceed to the checkout page. At the end of your checkout process enter the coupon code: CLINICDEMO

This coupon code will reduce your checkout price and shipping costs to $0.00. Our customer service team will process your demo order by size and style. You will receive a tracking number just like a regular KidSole customer. If you are unfamiliar with our insole styles please reference the first time buyer’s guide below:

We work with all clinical professionals! Whether you are a Pediatric ortho, PT, NP, or Chiropractor…we believe we are all on the same mission. We are all here to help correct kids’ posture. We provide arch/pronation solutions as well as help ease growing pains from inflammation conditions like Severs. Unlike any other insole company, KidSole only designs insoles for children. Every other insole company thinks of their children’s department as a minor division of their adult insole line. KidSole is different because we care more about kids’ foot problems than adult foot issues. This is reflected in our designs, packaging and customer service. We work hand in hand, email to email, with countless parents every week. They tell us what their kids need in order to stay active and ease their feet pain. Our job is to design posture support and pain relief solutions that comfortably fit inside kid’s shoes. The biggest complaint we receive from parents about orthotics is they start off way too hard. KidSole is the only brand with a range of orthotic firmness. We do this so kid’s who desperately need posture correction insoles are less likely to reject using them in the early stages of the posture correction process. As their foot arch strengthens we progress them up to firmer, reinforced, harder orthotics. We find this easing into use strategy to be key for long-term problem correction. Kid’s feet don’t change shape over night but they can be guided. As our customers report back to us we develop new products that further help them in their posture correction efforts. There is not a single product in the KidSole catalog that is made without multiple parent requests. We believe posture correction is best treated as early as possible. The foot is more malleable before the growth plate shifts during puberty. Much like with braces for teeth, the sooner you correct the problems the better. Hopefully together we can help kid’s across the country grow up to walk straighter and stand with better posture 🤝

Why Choose Us

KidSole Stands For Quality

We are passionate and professional about giving kids the best possible start in life. We are here to work with you to help as many of your patients as possible. Our job is to bring you the highest quality products, all thoughtfully designed and packaged for kids. KidSole is the #1 new brand of Kid’s insole and foot pain relief products for a reason. We are so confident in our QC and RD standards that we will provide free return shipping and full refunds for any patient returns or defective items. Your patients are in risk-free hands with us. We always provide free exchanges, replacements and returns.

KidSole Covers Growing Feet

We recognize every child’s foot is as unique as their fingerprint. We do our best to offer every level and style of arch support your patients need to correct their stance & posture. This demo program is designed to serve as a way for you to test which KidSole styles work best with your patients before sending them to our store. We will work with you to find the optimal mix of products for your clinic. Once patients find the insole that works best for them, we cover their feet all the way through teenage size ranges. Our philosophy is to start off soft and scale up to firmer orthotics.

KidSole Cares!

If you are a NFP or work in low income areas we are happy to help. Contact our customer service director for more information how we work with NFP clinics and low-income areas with extra-extra-discount coupon codes. We care deeply about helping kids start their life with the best possible posture. Learning to walk with good posture is best guided as early as possible. We work with all low-income providers to find ways to help as many kids as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We believe in the work you do! We are here to help.

Clinician Application Form

*If you are not sure which styles and models to choose please use the box below to describe what you need and we will send our best solutions. In the box below please type in the medical conditions you see most often and the solutions you need us to help you with. 

    Our Best Sellers

    Neon Shield 3/4 Insole

    Introducing the Neon Shield 3/4 length insole by KidSole for kids with flat feet, foot pronation & undiagnosed arch support issues.

    Memory Foam Sport Slim

    The KidSole Memory Foam Sport insole is ideal for athletic and active wear and comes with Micro-Bead Technology for maximum traction while in use.

    Gel Sport Heel Cup

    Introducing the KidSole Gel Sport Traction Heel Cup/Pad for kids with heel sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis or any other undiagnosed heel pain issues.

    Neon Fix Orthotic 

    The Neon Fix Orthotic Insole is crafted from premium medical grade PU foam for children with pronation, heel and arch support problems.

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