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Red Shoe Insoles for Kids

How Arch Support Can Help Growing Feet

  Kids have naturally flat feet for many years; babies are born with feet that are mostly cartilage instead of bone, and a fat pad in the area where the arch will eventually develop. Over the first few years of life, feet spread out, bones calcify, and an arch gradually develops. Many children have proper […]

Orthotic Insoles with Arch Support

Supporting Your Kid’s Healthy Feet

How Orthotic Insoles Can Help Your Child Run, Jump, and Play As adults, we often find that we need more support than our shoes can give us. Arch support in particular can be crucial to being active, having healthy knees and hips, and staying on the go. Why would kids be any different? Kids’ shoes […]

Arch Support Inserts for Flat Feet

Does Your Child Need Arch Support?

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You’ve probably heard that children’s shoes are important, and that you need to avoid poorly fitting shoes. You may have also heard competing ideas about if children need additional arch support in their shoes, and when this might happen. Let’s look at when problems requiring […]

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